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HCG Diet Lowers Cholesterol?

June 26, 2009

There are very, very few negative side-effects of HCG (dry skin being the main one because of the lack of fat in the diet and not being able to use lotion or creams on the skin).

But a positive side-effect that is being reported more and more frequently as the HCG Diet gains popularity is the DRAMATIC reduction in bad cholesterol numbers!  Talking with many people that have done the HCG Protocol, it seems the drop in blood serum cholesterol is very sharp.  There are also many other benefits for someone that has obesity-related diseases or problems that the fast weight loss of the HCG Diet brings.

Not that anyone should do the HCG Diet strictly to lower cholesterol, not is anyone making the claim that this will happen 100% of the time, but if you do decide to do the HCG Protocol, don’t be surprised if your cholesterol numbers drop sharply!

HCG Side Effects – (No, you don’t have to worry)

May 26, 2009

We just uploaded a new article on HCG Side Effects.

Read the full article at the above link for all the details, but the practical upshot of negative effects of hCG is:

HCG Clinic Certification Through TrimYou is the Only Way To Go

February 22, 2009

If you are looking for a clinic or doctor that provides the hCG Diet and want to be sure you are getting real, natural hCG (not synthetic) from a U.S.-based pharmacy, and the clinic staff sticks to Dr. Simeons’ original protocol, be sure to ask if the clinic is TrimYou Certified.

This organization provides training and certification in Dr. Simeons’ original HCG Diet Protocol to doctors and clinic staff and makes sure you are getting the real deal.

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Homeopathic hCG – Another Diet Scam

February 11, 2009

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Since I wrote the following post, someone has proven me wrong. Read about Homeotherapeutic HCG!


Let’s get something straight right off the bat:  There is no such thing as Homeopathic HCG – so if you are using it instead of REAL hCG on Dr. Simeons hCG Diet Protocol and are losing weight, it is because of the 500 calorie diet.

This means muscle is being lost, you are starving yourself, and will not enjoy permanent weight loss because your metabolic set point is not affected (you aren’t taking hCG!)

HCG is a HORMONE – so what the heck is homeopathic hCG?  I’ll tell you – snake oil.

Anyone can lose weight on a 500 calorie per day diet, but without real hCG you are losing muscle and structural fat.  You will end up in a yo yo diet cycle as your body makes adjustments for the reduced caloric intake by slowing its metabolism.  Your weight loss will  be short-lived, and you will put the weight back on with a vengeance.

Look: The hCG Diet works, but it works FOR A REASON, which is the effect that hCG has on your hypothalmus and other regulartory glands and systems (that, frankly, isn’t well understood).

Anyone selling Homeopathic hCG is a snake-oil salesman and if you are losing weight, or have lost weight with it congratulations, but don’t be surprised when you put all the weight back on.

Using real, natural hCG has the effect of burning ABNORMAL FAT while on the very low calorie diet and RESETTING YOUR METABOLISM when you finish Phase III of the diet protocol.

Do you think Homeopathic hCG works?  Sound off below…

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Don’t Do the HCG Diet Until You’ve Done This First!

January 30, 2009

The HCG Diet works like nothing else, but it is a solution of last resort for people that have a serious problem with their weight due to metabolic imbalances.

Instead of injecting HCG as a first step, this should be the last step in the battle of the bulge.  Granted, it will work, but it isn’t without ANY risk.

Therefore, BEFORE TRYING THE HCG DIET, read and implement the following little-known weight loss secrets (they’re FREE):

The Fastest Way to Lose Weight – Best Kept Secrets Revealed

If you can’t lose the weight by doing the steps outlined at the above page, the HCG Diet is for you.

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