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HCG And Weight Loss – How It Works

May 28, 2009

We just uploaded another detailed article on how hCG works for weight loss.  You can read the full article here:

HCG and Weight Loss

Most people think HCG is a hormone, and because of this misconception fear taking hCG for weight loss.  But the truth is, hCG is a complex amino-peptide that has amazing properties, particularly its affect on the diencephalon region of the brain that regulates the storage of body fat.

Read the full article at the above link.

hCG Effects on Men

January 13, 2009

Men typically lose more weight more easily on the hCG Diet than women.  But because hCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women, hCG effects on men are a concern many men have and, quite frankly, are unjustified.

The truth is that hCG actually stimulates muscle growth and has zero negative effects on male body chemistry.  In fact, many body builders take hCG as part of their ‘steroid stack’ because of its muscle building effects.

The rapid fat loss achieved on the hCG Diet is more profound in men than in women, and the added bonus of stimulated muscle growth makes the hCG Diet for weight loss ideal for men.

So, if you are a man that wants to lose fat and have tried traditional diet and exercise without success, you may have accumulated abnormal fat stores that the hCG Diet can eliminate.  Don’t worry about where the hCG comes from – it has been proven 100% safe and effective.

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