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New TrimYou Certified HCG Weight Loss Clinic in Oklahoma City

May 22, 2009

A new TrimYou Certified HCG Weight Loss Center has just opened in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Currently, there is no website, but you can view all of their contact info at:

Dr. Marie Carter

Now Available – HCG Injection Kits at

April 30, 2009

There is a new, U.S.-based pharmacy where you can buy HCG Injection Kits online:


One catch, though:  You have to have a valid prescription from a doctor to order (Canadian or overseas online pharmacies or websites selling HCG are doing so illegally – if you order from a pharmacy or website outside of the United States for shipping INTO the U.S., you risk having your shipment siezed by Customs at the border or WORSE, you could face still fines and even jail time, depending on the state in which you live.

Also, the website is currently only licensed to ship to a few states, so you must have a Ship To address in one of the states listed on their website to order.

Other than that, the website looks clean and professional and safe to order from.

Colon Cleanse Recipe (To Use Before Starting the HCG Protocol)

April 24, 2009

Some believe it is important to undergo a colon cleanse regiment before starting the HCG Protocol because there are toxins and other environmental contaminates, hormones, and other impurities in our food supply and diet that didn’t exist, and therefore were not a factor, when Dr. Simeons was administering the HCG Diet to his patients decades ago.

Those selling Homeopathic HCG practically INSIST one undergoes a colon-cleansing before starting the protocol, perhaps because the Homeopathic HCG isn’t really effective?  See a related post here:  Homeopathic HCG Scam

Most people that do the HCG Diet Protocol forego a colon cleanse since Dr. Simeons never included it in his protocol, and therefore most believe it isn’t necessary. From the results people get on the HCG Diet WITHOUT ever doing a colon-cleanse, it seems obvious it isn’t necessary, but what could it hurt?

Many of us have not been eating well for years, so if you want to preface your HCG treatment with a colon cleansing, here’s a recipe with instructions you can use that works great:

20 Minutes before your first meal of the day, mix the following together:

Mix well – you can use a Mason Jar with Lid and shake it vigorously.

Drink the entire concoction within a few minutes.   If you leave it longer it will thicken like pudding.

Complete the above every day for 2-4 weeks. After about 2 weeks, you should prepare yourself for some toxic sludge to be eliminated in your bowel movement.

Send us a picture (JUST KIDDING).

Homeopathic HCG Proof It’s A Scam – Look at the Keto Strips!

April 5, 2009

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Since I wrote the following post, someone has proven me wrong.

Read about Homeopathic HCG Spray!


Homeopathic HCG has no HCG in it, but practitioners of homeopathy say the ‘energetic imprint’ of the HCG is in the solution, even though a 6X dilution is the equivalent of one dose of HCG in a bathtub of water. (24X would be like 1 dose of HCG in the Atlantic Ocean).

So why do people say Homeopathic HCG works ‘as well as real HCG’?

First off, it doesn’t. The results are inconsistent (but with real HCG they are consistent- virtually EVERYONE loses about 1 pound per day of body fat on real HCG).

Secondly, the claims that it works ‘as well as real HCG’ are made by people selling Homeopathic HCG. This isn’t what I’d call an independent, 3rd party testimonial.

But none of this matters – you can prove it to yourself (don’t expect the people selling the Homeopathic HCG to do this – it would make them look like quacks):

Purchase a pack of Ketostrips at your local drug store – they’re not expensive.

Each day you’re on the ‘Homeopathic HCG’ diet, test your urine with a Ketostrip.  The darker the color, the more fat you are burning as your primary source of fuel. (I’ll leave it to another upcoming post to explain HOW this all works).

When on REAL HCG, the Ketostrips will be very dark
, which PROVES the weight being lost is from fat being burned (and this is what we want, of course).

If muscle is being burned, like what normally happens on a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) WITHOUT hCG, then the Ketostrip will show a lighter color.

LOOK:  If Homeopathic remedies worked for hormones like HCG, wouldn’t there be an effective Homeopathic Anabolic Steroid that worked?  You would have bodybuilders all over the place gobbling it down like Tic-Tacs!

From Consumer Reports:

The most comprehensive analysis of homeopathy we know of – a 2005 review published in The Lancet of 110 placebo-controlled homeopathy trials matched with 110 conventional-medicine trials—found that any benefit from homeopathic remedies was “compatible with” the placebo effect. An accompanying editorial, “The End of Homeopathy,” said that the findings were less surprising than the fact that debate over homeopathy continues “despite 150 years of unfavorable findings.”

If one goes on a Very Low Calorie Diet and takes Homeopathic HCG or a placebo, the result would be the same – one would lose weight!

But the promise of REAL HCG is it is Muscle Preserving
, which means the weight you lose on real hCG is FAT.  You can prove this by testing your urine daily with Keto Strips.

And if you take Homeopathic HCG, you can test your urine with Keto Strips and see for yourself the weight you are losing is a great deal of muscle, which puts you on a yo-yo dieting rollercoaster, and probably messes up your metabolism even worse than before your started.

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Poll: Do YOU think the only way to lose weight is by diet and exercise?

April 3, 2009

In my frequent visits to forums, social media sites and other blogs that discuss diet and weight loss, there are tons of people that hold fast to the belief that the ONLY way to lose weight is by traditional diet and exercise.  For those of us that have TRIED FOR YEARS to get to our ideal weight this way, only to make very little progress and get frustrated, we know this is simply WRONG!

If your metabolism is out of whack, you can diet and exercise until the cows come home and you will NOT lose enough weight to make a hill of beans difference.  Take this quick poll and let’s see where this shakes out:

[polldaddy poll=1513449]

Acai Berries – Lies, Cheats, Fakes and Frauds

April 2, 2009

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eat a few Acai berries and lose 30 pounds of fat?

A ton of blogs have been popping up all over the internet (they all look the same, by the way – hint hint) which APPEAR to be some independent blogger sharing her story about her miraculous weight loss from Acai Berry products.

Well, our friend over at HCG Diet Info has blown the lid off this scam in vivid color and before and after photos that prove this is a total fraud.

Here’s the proof:

Acai Berry Scam

(Hat’s off to this bit of investigative journalism.)

So why do people fall for this?  Shouldn’t it be OBVIOUS that eating some Acai berries aren’t going melt fat away like in the claims in these fake blogs?

Which brings me to why the HCG Diet is different:

And over 60 years of successes!

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Another Uninformed Article Bashing hCG

March 30, 2009

If you’ve spent any time at all researching the hCG Diet, then you know there are plenty of stories by people that have done it saying how great it works and there are plenty of stories by uninformed people that have NOT tried saying it doesn’t work.

In the latest article I’ve come across bashing hCG for weight loss, the author (Thong M. Dao) has managed to misrepresent practically EVERY fact about HCG.

In his article ‘Don’t Try HCG Weight Loss Until You Read This’, the author states:

“Folks hope to lose weight quickly with the help of fad products, but if you ask me, I never believe in fads, and never will!”

Umm, excuse me, but since when is something tried and tested for over 60 years a fad???  Notice he hasn’t said he’s tried it and it didn’t work – he is saying he doesn’t believe in fads and never will.  OK, me neither – so?

Next we have this gem:

“HCG had nothing to do with weight loss until a disreputable author named Kevin Trudeau turned up. He wrote a book announcing the possibility of weight loss with HCG.”

Now this is just COMPLETELY erroneous – as we know, Dr. Simeons was treating patients for obesity with hCG since 1954.  It’s unfortunate that Kevin Trudeau is the one thought of as the founding-father of the hCG Diet, but all he did was write a book that brought it to the forefront recently.

Here’s another false claim by the author:

“Not even the manufacturers who produce a synthesized version of this hormone claim that it’s beneficial for obese people. It’s only a handful of doctors and experts who are claiming that they have proof of the relation between HCG and weight loss.”

First off, synthesized versions DON’T WORK!!!  HCG only works when natural.  Also, it is hardly ‘only a handful of doctors and experts’ – there are hundreds of doctors that are administering this diet protocol SUCCESSFULLY all over the world.

More false statements from the article:

“Lots of tests and studies have been done for nearly 40 years on HCG weight loss. But to this day, there’s still no clear evidence that HCG indeed boosts weight loss. Yet what the doctors claim is different.”

Um, NO – actually there are numerous studies done that DO PROVE hCG boosts weight loss (when accomanied by the very low calorie diet requied by Dr. Simeons’ protocol).  And wouldn’t you say that hundreds of thousands of people that have lost weight PERMANENTLY with the hCG Diet provide the ‘clear evidence’ the other says is lacking?  Yeah, I thought so too.

How about this one:

“One more thing, HCG hormone has been prohibited in the US for a long time. Therefore, if you want a synthesized product, be ready to pay out the nose. These products can be found in the black market or in other country.”

Nope – wrong again.  HCG is FDA-approved in the US.  OK, not for weight loss, but off-label use of FDA-approved drugs and hormones happens LEGALLY all of the time – this statement is just FLAT WRONG!

How come no one that writes negatively about hCG can provide FACTS???

Anyone else wondering why this is?

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Real Scary Obesity Trends in America

March 27, 2009

This video dramatically shows the rate of change in obesity from 1990 until 2007.  Despite the plethora of diet foods and pills, weight loss programs, fitness studios and workout programs, the trend STILL shows we are getting fatter as a nation.

Obesity Trends in America

Why should this be?  Is there something in the water? In the food supply? Why are we getting fatter if we are dieting and exercising more and more?

Maybe, as some suspect, it is the ubiquitous presence of high fructose corn syrup in almost everything we eat.  It is believed that the bond that normally exists between glucose and fructose molecules in natural sugar, being absent in HFCS spikes the body’s insulin levels and causes the body to store fat.

Or perhaps we are just eating too many calories?

Whatever the cause, it is obvious that 2 things are happening:

  1. Even though we are more health-conscious than ever before, we are STILL getting fatter
  2. Once our metabolism is thrown off kilter by these ‘unnatural’ factors (like those noted above), traditional diet and exercise doesn’t seem to work for many (if not the majority) of us.

Good thing the hCG Diet Protocol can solve this problem!

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Don’t Try Gastric Bypass Surgery Before Reading This!

March 26, 2009

It is estimated there are over 200 million overweight Americans (roughly 2/3rds of the population) – an epidemic by any standard of measure.  Obviously, something is wrong if all of the existing diet plans, fitness studios, low calorie foods and other solutions have led to a steady increase in obesity rates.

Out of desperation, some people turn to weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery or gastric bypass surgery, in an effort to solve their weight problem.

But most people are not good candidates for weight loss surgery, and there are significant risks (even if you can afford the cost, which is very high).

Even if you are at risk for obesity-related diseases (of which there are many), the negative side effects of gastric bypass surgery can be severe, including death. 

Although a remote possibility (1% of people that have gastric bypass surgery die), other potential complications from obesity surgery include: vitamin and mineral deficiencies, ulcers, hernias, internal bleeding, and other general complications. People who have had gastric bypass often feel nauseated after eating, feel weak and generally lack energy, and feel as though they don’t get the same satisfaction from eating as before.

A Bariatric Surgeon should only accept you as a candidate if you’ve tried other forms of weight loss first.  So, if you are thinking of going under the knife to lose weight – STOP!

You need to first find an HCG Provider that will administer Dr. Simeons HCG Diet Protocol where you can lose body fat quickly and safely (and much more cheaply!!!)

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HCG Diet Before and After Video – Funny!

March 12, 2009

This funny hCG Diet Before and After Video by 2 sisters that completed the protocol is worth watching, if for no other reason than its entertainment value:

Silly Sisters are DONE sampling HCG

Check out this amazing Before and After HCG Story!

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