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Homeopathic HCG Proof It’s A Scam – Look at the Keto Strips!

April 5, 2009

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Since I wrote the following post, someone has proven me wrong.

Read about Homeopathic HCG Spray!


Homeopathic HCG has no HCG in it, but practitioners of homeopathy say the ‘energetic imprint’ of the HCG is in the solution, even though a 6X dilution is the equivalent of one dose of HCG in a bathtub of water. (24X would be like 1 dose of HCG in the Atlantic Ocean).

So why do people say Homeopathic HCG works ‘as well as real HCG’?

First off, it doesn’t. The results are inconsistent (but with real HCG they are consistent- virtually EVERYONE loses about 1 pound per day of body fat on real HCG).

Secondly, the claims that it works ‘as well as real HCG’ are made by people selling Homeopathic HCG. This isn’t what I’d call an independent, 3rd party testimonial.

But none of this matters – you can prove it to yourself (don’t expect the people selling the Homeopathic HCG to do this – it would make them look like quacks):

Purchase a pack of Ketostrips at your local drug store – they’re not expensive.

Each day you’re on the ‘Homeopathic HCG’ diet, test your urine with a Ketostrip.  The darker the color, the more fat you are burning as your primary source of fuel. (I’ll leave it to another upcoming post to explain HOW this all works).

When on REAL HCG, the Ketostrips will be very dark
, which PROVES the weight being lost is from fat being burned (and this is what we want, of course).

If muscle is being burned, like what normally happens on a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) WITHOUT hCG, then the Ketostrip will show a lighter color.

LOOK:  If Homeopathic remedies worked for hormones like HCG, wouldn’t there be an effective Homeopathic Anabolic Steroid that worked?  You would have bodybuilders all over the place gobbling it down like Tic-Tacs!

From Consumer Reports:

The most comprehensive analysis of homeopathy we know of – a 2005 review published in The Lancet of 110 placebo-controlled homeopathy trials matched with 110 conventional-medicine trials—found that any benefit from homeopathic remedies was “compatible with” the placebo effect. An accompanying editorial, “The End of Homeopathy,” said that the findings were less surprising than the fact that debate over homeopathy continues “despite 150 years of unfavorable findings.”

If one goes on a Very Low Calorie Diet and takes Homeopathic HCG or a placebo, the result would be the same – one would lose weight!

But the promise of REAL HCG is it is Muscle Preserving
, which means the weight you lose on real hCG is FAT.  You can prove this by testing your urine daily with Keto Strips.

And if you take Homeopathic HCG, you can test your urine with Keto Strips and see for yourself the weight you are losing is a great deal of muscle, which puts you on a yo-yo dieting rollercoaster, and probably messes up your metabolism even worse than before your started.

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  1. From the Mediral website (the MAKERS of the Homeopathic HCG, no less) is this gem – even THEY don’t believe it works:

    “Mediral recommends that users of homeopathic hCG exercise prudence when counseling with clients to avoid making claims that the FTC might interpret as fraudulent or deceptive. There are, as yet, no monographs or provings of hCG. Do not claim the same results from homeopathic hCG that the prescription injectable hCG produces. The custom singular that Mediral makes of hCG is labeled ‘HCG Detox’ as a reminder that the only defensible use for homeopathic hCG is as a detoxifier”

    Classic! Of course, the people selling Homeopathic HCG must not have read that!

    Comment by hcg — April 5, 2009 @ 1:04 pm

  2. I tried the Homeopathic HCG for quick weight loss. It worked. I looked at a lot of sites, some seemed like scams but am a firm believer in homeopathy and CAM. Most of the time ignorance is what causes confusion in these areas.

    I lost 23 pounds in 20 days and, just like with the injections, didn’t have hunger or lose any muscles. I lost the fat in all the bad areas and felt great.

    I think before you call it a scam, you should try it or your opinion is worthless and you have another agenda.

    Instead you are turning people away to run to their doctors and beg for prescriptions or order HCG from out of state pharmacies which have no regulations. That sounds like a scam to me.


    Comment by LeAnn — June 3, 2009 @ 3:12 pm

  3. I did Simeons Protocol for 40 days back in late January. I lost 36 pounds and I have the before/after pictures to prove it. I am now on my second rotation and have lost an additional 13 pounds, for a total so far of 48 pounds. I could not be more pleased.

    Comment by Renee — June 29, 2009 @ 9:32 pm

  4. I’ve been on the Homeopathic hCG for 24 days and have lost 24 pounds already. My waist has shrunk by 3 3/4 inches and my legs by 2 inches each. My fancy scales measure fat, water, and muscle mass. Fat dropped by over 10%, water increase by 3%, and muscle mass increased by 2%. Looks like you’re theories are all wet. This stuff worked great!

    Comment by George — March 3, 2010 @ 5:07 pm

  5. I did a 43 day cycle of Homeopathic HCG and the Keto strips were dark as can be, not to mention I dropped 40lbs. Try them out before you post this Horse crap! Try helping people instead of posting something that you have done absolutely no research on. Ive done the research and guess what, they work.

    Comment by Believer — March 16, 2010 @ 12:34 pm

  6. i did the simoen protocol with a few additions here and there and lost 30 lbs in 36 days on HOMEOPATHIC!! and it was the bad fat!! also ive talked to others on real hcg (im on real right not to see the contrast) and they say they dont even show on the keto sticks!! so what you are doing is trying to get people to go to the clinics or their dr to pay 1-2k dollars in order to toss the stuff at you which by the way cost me 120 fo rtwo rounds, and you are probably in on it too you are the scammer let people do what they like and homeopathic does work!! im now on round two on day 10 and down 12 lbs next youll say the whole hcg diet is a scam so you can promote gastric bipass or the lap band!!

    Comment by helema — March 19, 2010 @ 9:48 am

  7. When you look at the diet that is used with the HCG, it is clear it is low in bad carbs. I don’t see how it wouldn’t turn the strips darker, as an absence of carbs causes one to burn fat. Perhaps the author is just using the HCG and not following the diet that goes with it. The diet is very specific and an integral part.

    Comment by Dina — April 3, 2010 @ 10:24 pm

  8. Okay so everyone is saying that this HCG will help you lose weight then why do we still have over weight people in the world??? and if it does work why has this not made the news???, also it seems that all of these people seem to have had weigh loss then wair are they getting it from??? is everyone taking a diffrent kind of HCG what is ever on the market or they can find on the web???. I’m not sure yet but I’ll be looking in to this and I have seen some out there for 39.00 for the drops.

    Comment by Khristena — April 6, 2010 @ 2:06 pm

  9. My wife lost 45 lbs in 90 days, her mother lost 40, her sister lost 25. She has gotten several people in her office on them, all with results. Read whatever you want to and form your own opinion, but don’t knock it until you have actually tried it.

    Comment by DJ — April 8, 2010 @ 8:44 am

  10. Yep. Homeopathic hCG + Simeons’ protocol ‘scammed’ me into dropping roughly 60 pounds in 60 days due to “The Placebo Effect” using hHCG!! I, too, have the before and after pictures that showcase this amazing discovery ( I was a complete skeptic until I lost 16 lbs. the first week. Now, I help promote, support and market it. So do my wife, two older brothers, their wives and numerous friends. In fact, I’ve scammed ALL of them into shedding 200+ lbs. between us! I was overweight for THREE DECADES. In two months I was trim. After trying every other dopey diet or fad, why wouldn’t I promote something as revolutionary as this?

    BTW, I used ketostix and they showed consistent fat loss throughout the protocol, some days more than others. But consistent, no less.

    I’ll make you this guarantee: the person who wrote this article has ZERO first-hand experience with homeopathic hCG. They’ve either never had a weight problem or have never tried hhCG. I — and thousands of others — have used it to shed thousands of pounds without hunger or feelings of depravity. The person with experience is never at the mercy of the person with a theory, I don’t care WHAT study you site. Homeopathic hCG works. And it works FAST. Visit my site, Seeing is believing. But LIVING it is even better.

    Comment by Daniel(not)Dan — April 12, 2010 @ 2:06 pm

  11. Homeopathic hgc is not a scam I tried it and lost 44 lbs in 40 days I did 2 runs back to back did not loose miscall only stored fat. Way better and safer than shots not to mention it only cost me total about $90 I feel grate lots of energy and would totally recommend this to everyone looking at trying homeopathic Hcg it works!!!!

    Comment by Steve — June 20, 2010 @ 1:36 am

  12. I am 58 and have been obese my whole life and at 332 lbs. with a blown disc and bum knee I was all but forsaken. After 8 weeks I have lost 49 pounds and yes with homeopathic hcg. I remember once telling a dentist the metal in my tooth was causing pain and he dismissed it as all being in my head. I took a homeopathic metal detox and the pain went away. You can deny homeopathic all you want but you can’t deny the results I have. Sorry you are flat out wrong. Let me add something additional. After 6 weeks I continued without a break. Something you can’t do with injections.

    Comment by David — July 20, 2010 @ 10:50 am

  13. I am currently on hCG shots (not homeopathic) now and was doing Lindora (which swears by Ketostix). I have lost 7lbs in 3 days on hCG and have not had one Ketostick turn dark in color. They all read negative and its a brand new bottle. I had the same results with using the Ketostix on the Lindora program. Ketostix are not a tell all for everyone.

    Comment by Lelly — August 10, 2010 @ 3:06 pm

  14. I had no idea of difference between the two. All I knew is that I needed something that worked. I and my wife did this with a friend. We used the Homeopathic HCG, because several other people we knew had used it and had lost mega pounds and inches. The results speak for themselves. 36 LBS in 37 days, My wife lost 21 LBS in 21 Days and My friend lost 57 LBS in 40 days. Since then Many of my friends who have used it have all lost serious weight as well. I went from a size 44 to a size 36. Maybe the true HCG would work better, I don’t know. I just know this has worked for everyone I know.

    Comment by Jeremy — August 23, 2010 @ 11:49 am

  15. It HAS been all over the news. Just because YOU haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean the rest of the world hasn’t heard of it. Plus, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to reach 100% market penetration with ANYTHING. Have you heard of the iPhone from Apple? Yeah? Well guess what, there are people in the world that have NOT.

    Comment by hcg — October 29, 2010 @ 9:50 am

  16. I guess you didn’t read the very first line of this blog post that says:
    “IMPORTANT UPDATE: Since I wrote the following post, someone has proven me wrong.
    Read about Homeopathic HCG Spray!”

    Comment by hcg — October 29, 2010 @ 9:55 am

  17. I guess you didn’t read the very first line of this blog post that says:
    “IMPORTANT UPDATE: Since I wrote the following post, someone has proven me wrong.
    Read about Homeopathic HCG Spray!”

    Comment by hcg — October 29, 2010 @ 9:55 am

  18. Yep I’ve been scammed and love it….my husband too..he lost 15 Kilos in 28 days I lost 11KG. I could have lost more but I included cofee in week two and three, and plateued a little, then one I stopped coffee Ive been losing 400gms a day (I was 95 kg on a small 5’3″ frame.) Hubby is 6ft was 123Kg and is now under 108KG. We cant be bothered to use Keto sticks because anyone on the sort of diet we are on, will have a positive result regardless in my opinion. Oh and the homeopathic is sooo bad for me I got started menstrating agin (I’m 56)
    Nah mate…do you really know what Homeopathic is?

    Comment by Che — May 12, 2011 @ 7:25 am

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