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Does Oral HCG or Sublingual HCG work? Or is it a Fraud?

January 1, 2009

According to David L Walters, DO, Ph.D., the use of Oral hCG or Sublingual hCG is an ineffective method of delivering hCG to the body for use in the hCG Diet. 

From an article published on his website (, he claims:

The short answer to the above question is YES, oral HCG and sublingual HCG is a complete and utter fraud. HCG is only biologically active when injected into the body via a hypodermic needle. This fact apparently does not stop numerous web sites from offering “oral” or “sublingual” forms of HCG for sale in order to avoid the need for injections.

But since we are only interested in the TRUTH here at HCG Diet Facts, a (very little) bit of investigation uncovers this from HIS OWN ARTICLE:

“On treatment days 0, 15, and 30 we have tested all volunteers, screening for the presence of plasmatic hCG. Concentrations were undetectable in all cases (data not shown).”*

*Utility of an oral presentation of hCG (human Choriogonadotropin) for the management of obesity. A double-blind study. By D. Belluscio, L. Ripamonte and M. Wolansky. Published on D. Belluscio’s website

OK, so far so good, EXCEPT if you follow the link to Dr. Belluscio’s website (, you will find THIS:

The Oral hCG™ Method is a medically designed protocol, based on the Simeon’s weight loss protocol, that has brought excellent results to more than 6,500 patients treated by me and my collaborators over the last 17 years.

In other words, the article by Dr. Walters claiming Oral hCG is a complete fraud cites a double-blind study done by the Daniel Oscar Belluscio, MD., Founder and Director of The Oral hCG Research Center that conclusively proves Oral hCG is EFFECTIVE!

So, does Oral hCG (otherwise known as Sublingual hCG) work? 

The doctor who claims it doesn’t is selling the hCG weight loss treatment in injection form, and cites a study by a doctor studying and using an oral hCG formulation to ERRONEOUSLY prove his case!

Who’s the fraud?

Read this article for a comparison between Oral hCG, Transdermal hCG and hCG Injections

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  1. […] January 1, 2009 · No Comments From this excellent post at HCG Diet Facts, the question of whether Oral hCG is a fraud has been addressed:Does Oral hCG or Sublingual hCG work? Or is it a Fraud? […]

    Pingback by Is Oral hCG a Fraud? « Hcg Diet Info — January 1, 2009 @ 7:33 pm

  2. I have read a lot of positive reviews about hcg diet. So i guess I would stick to my belief of its’ effectivity.


    Comment by hcg diet info — June 10, 2009 @ 1:25 am

  3. I did the HCG injections and my sister did the oral at the same time. We had the same results at about 25 lbs lost in the 40 days. My understanding is you need to know who you are buying from to get good results.

    Comment by sandy — April 29, 2010 @ 2:47 pm

  4. This is a quote from the study that this site is using to “disprove” the “fraud” that SL HCG doesn’t work:

    “Regarding weight loss, similar results (with/without hCG administration) were obtained. Bioelectrical impedance exhibited discrete modifications.”

    Oral HCG is not effective for the same reason that oral insulin is not effective: weight. Submucosal membranes can only readily absorb proteins under 300 daltons. HCG is 36,700 daltons. Thats 122 times too large to be absorbed. By the way, insulin is only approx 6000 daltons. Exactly zero is absorbed orally or sublingually.

    HCG is also a fragile protein that when mixed must not be shaken. It must also be kept cold or will degrade 100%. If one buys HCG premixed, it has no active ingridient in it.

    Dr. Luke.

    Comment by Alan Luke — August 27, 2010 @ 3:00 pm

  5. I have just complete month 1 of the HCG Diet and I am here to say that it works incredibly well. In one month I lost not only 22 lbs, but I dropped a size in pants, 2 dress sizes and I am back down to a
    size SMALL in my tops. I have done many diets in my lifetime, but the HCG Diet gave me the best, easiest and fastest results of any diet I’ve ever done. If you are one the fence about trying the HCG diet, think of it this way, it is for one month at a time…..and ANYBODY can do a diet for one month! I love it and I am planning on doing the 2nd go of the diet in 6 weeks (as is called for) so that I can loose the last 10 lbs….I wish you all the same success I have experienced!!

    Comment by Alina — August 8, 2011 @ 2:59 pm

  6. I have done 3 rounds of injections so far. The first round lasted 28 days then I took 6 weeks off and then round 2 lasted 23 days then took 8 weeks off and then I am on day 23 of round 3. So far I have lost a total of 144 lbs. My starting weight was 440 lbs and today I weighed 296 lbs. I lost 70 lbs round 1, 30 lbs round 2 and so far have lost 44 lbs on round 3 and that is still ongoing. I used injections only. 1st and 2nd round of injections i used 200ui per dose and 3rd round I am 175ui as per dr. Simeons protocol. This round the weight loss is slower but so far working really good. Due to the weight loss being so much and so rapid people question me to see if I am under doctor supervision and I tell them yes. Dr. Simeons with thousands of patients and no problems and my respirologist. He told me that he can`t condone what I am doing (this protocol is not acceptable in Canada) but will monitor my blood and electrolytes to make sure I am not doing anything that would harm me. When I told him what I am doing, after the 1st round of injections and 70 lbs, he told me it is very controversial so I asked him what is controversial about it…that it works? He said he didn`t know. At the end of my appointment he said it again to me. I said at 440 lbs if I didn`t lose the weight I pretty much would be dead? He said yes so I told him I pretty much had nothing to lose then do I? He agreed.
    I am extremely thankful that I found out about HCG. I can emphatically say it gave me my life back. I now am able to go to the gym each day and do even with injections right now do 1/2 hour of hard cardio each morning. All i can say to you is follow dr. simeons protocol to a T and do not cheat at all and you will have success. It has been a total of 6 months now and to be totally free from this weight and the sugar addiction is an amazing feeling.

    Comment by heath — February 20, 2012 @ 8:51 am

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