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HCG Before and After Pics – A New Alternative?

June 13, 2009

I have to tell you, when I read this page, I was astounded.  I guess it answers the question of whether one can use a homeopathic hCG instead of real hCG that requires a prescription in order to get the same (or better?) results…

Check out this HCG Before and After page.

Poll: Do YOU think the only way to lose weight is by diet and exercise?

April 3, 2009

In my frequent visits to forums, social media sites and other blogs that discuss diet and weight loss, there are tons of people that hold fast to the belief that the ONLY way to lose weight is by traditional diet and exercise.  For those of us that have TRIED FOR YEARS to get to our ideal weight this way, only to make very little progress and get frustrated, we know this is simply WRONG!

If your metabolism is out of whack, you can diet and exercise until the cows come home and you will NOT lose enough weight to make a hill of beans difference.  Take this quick poll and let’s see where this shakes out:

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HCG Diet Before and After Video – Funny!

March 12, 2009

This funny hCG Diet Before and After Video by 2 sisters that completed the protocol is worth watching, if for no other reason than its entertainment value:

Silly Sisters are DONE sampling HCG

Check out this amazing Before and After HCG Story!

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More Great hCG Diet Before and After Photos

January 16, 2009

NEW:  HCG Body Transformation Before and After pics

This post over at HCG Diet Info shows some great hCG Diet Before and After Photos!

Jennifer lost 25 lbs and dropped 2 pant sizes in just 46 days!  Check out the pics at the above link.

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HCG Testimonial Video Contest – Win $500 CASH!

January 14, 2009

It’s official, we are holding a contest for the best HCG Diet Success Story on video.  Official Rules and guidelines are here:

HCG Video Contest

The Contest starts on 1/15/09 and ends on 2/15/09, so don’t wait – submit your video testimonial of the hCG Diet and win CASH!

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hCG Diet Failures

January 2, 2009

Some claim that the hCG Diet is 100% effective, and others claim it doesn’t work at all and it’s a scam.  What are we to make of those that say they are hCG Diet Failures, and using hCG for weight loss didn’t work for them? 

We have researched and documented extensively that those making claims that the hCG Diet is a scam are simply wrong.  You can read a great post about it here:

hCG Info – Just the Facts, Please!

So when people say the hCG Diet didn’t work for them, that they did NOT achieve success with the hCG Diet, what went wrong?

First off, there are 2 kinds of hCG weight loss failures:

  1. Not losing SIGNIFICANT weight with the hCG Diet
  2. Not keeping the weight off AFTER the hCG Diet

Let’s address #1:

Nobody would be interested in taking hCG injections for weight loss and adhering to a 500 calorie diet if it wasn’t DRAMATICALLY effective.  If you want to lose 1-2 lbs. per week, there are a lot of ways to do that, and if you are looking into the hCG Diet, you have most likely TRIED all of these methods (eating sensibly, exercise, weight lifting, etc.)

The appeal of the hCG Diet is the RAPID fat loss that is achieved – 5-10 lbs. per week is common (yeah, you read that correctly).

So when someone starts on the hCG Diet and does NOT achieved fast weight loss, this is considered an hCG Diet Failure.

What went wrong?  Here’s a list of top reasons someone might not achieved great results with the hCG Diet:

The other group of hCG Diet Failures are those that lost the weight with the hCG Diet but failed to keep it off (see #2 above).

Since the hCG Diet is touted as a ‘CURE‘ for dieting – it resets the metabolism and ends the need to diet EVER AGAIN – if one doesn’t PERMANENTLY keep the weight off with the hCG Diet, that would be a failure.

So why do some people fail to keep the weight off and enjoy the benefits of the hCG Diet Cure?

Here is the top reason (and maybe the ONLY reason):

Not following Dr. Simeons original program that REQUIRES eating a low/no-carb diet for 3 weeks after completing the hCG Protocol

Some clinics sell hCG weight loss programs along with Vitamin B-12 injections, colon cleansing regiments, etc. because they fail to follow the original protocol developed over 60 years ago by Dr. Simeons. 

They are doing their patients/customers a disservice and causing needless failures with the hCG Diet. Sticking to the original protocol by Dr. Simeons guarantees success.  This means one MUST:

Failure to follow the above will result in either sub-optimal results or hCG Diet Failures.

Truthfully, many people cheat and still lose a ton of weight, so if cheating is something you plan to do, you will still achieve remarkable results (only not AS remarkable!)

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Does Oral HCG or Sublingual HCG work? Or is it a Fraud?

January 1, 2009

According to David L Walters, DO, Ph.D., the use of Oral hCG or Sublingual hCG is an ineffective method of delivering hCG to the body for use in the hCG Diet. 

From an article published on his website (, he claims:

The short answer to the above question is YES, oral HCG and sublingual HCG is a complete and utter fraud. HCG is only biologically active when injected into the body via a hypodermic needle. This fact apparently does not stop numerous web sites from offering “oral” or “sublingual” forms of HCG for sale in order to avoid the need for injections.

But since we are only interested in the TRUTH here at HCG Diet Facts, a (very little) bit of investigation uncovers this from HIS OWN ARTICLE:

“On treatment days 0, 15, and 30 we have tested all volunteers, screening for the presence of plasmatic hCG. Concentrations were undetectable in all cases (data not shown).”*

*Utility of an oral presentation of hCG (human Choriogonadotropin) for the management of obesity. A double-blind study. By D. Belluscio, L. Ripamonte and M. Wolansky. Published on D. Belluscio’s website

OK, so far so good, EXCEPT if you follow the link to Dr. Belluscio’s website (, you will find THIS:

The Oral hCG™ Method is a medically designed protocol, based on the Simeon’s weight loss protocol, that has brought excellent results to more than 6,500 patients treated by me and my collaborators over the last 17 years.

In other words, the article by Dr. Walters claiming Oral hCG is a complete fraud cites a double-blind study done by the Daniel Oscar Belluscio, MD., Founder and Director of The Oral hCG Research Center that conclusively proves Oral hCG is EFFECTIVE!

So, does Oral hCG (otherwise known as Sublingual hCG) work? 

The doctor who claims it doesn’t is selling the hCG weight loss treatment in injection form, and cites a study by a doctor studying and using an oral hCG formulation to ERRONEOUSLY prove his case!

Who’s the fraud?

Read this article for a comparison between Oral hCG, Transdermal hCG and hCG Injections

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HCG Weight Loss Before and After Photos

December 30, 2008

NEW:  HCG Body Transformation Before and After pics

Bob Robeson and his wife LaRainne have been through the hCG diet and were kind enough to grant permission to publish his pics and story.  For more hCG Weight Loss Before and After Photos visit his site at:  When Health Matters.

This is just one example of the dramatic, life-changing effects that hCG Weight Loss can have.

The first pic shows Bob with a 46″ waist late February 2008.

The 2nd pic shows Bob with 36″ waist December 3, 2008.

290 lbs with a  46" waist!
202 lbs, 36" waist

This is what Bob said about his hCG weight loss experience:

“I started at over 300 lbs earlier this year, and for the first time
in my adult life I am in the 100’s.

This is after being at or close to 300lbs for 40 years.

I have been on every diet I could find through the years, even the
Medically supervised Optifast where I did not eat anything for 4
months, but soon as I started eating again the weight came back and
then some.

This program is so cool because once you are done you can eat again
and not regain the weight.

I was at 213 lbs for 4 months I and I ate well, not like I use to but
very well and stayed at 213 lbs.

Then I started this round and got to my record breaking low weight,
199.8, WOW.

Simply amazing

I wish this was FDA approve and I wish we could get the word out to
all obese people every where.

This program saves lives, how cool is that!

No Longer Obese
No longer have Diabetes
No longer have High Blood pressure
No Longer have high cholesterol
No longer have sore knees or feet
No Longer have the Arthritis pains
I Sleep better
Have a Love life again
Have more energy
Look and feel great.

My ending goal is still about 170lbs. But that mile stone will be for
the next round as we finish this round the end of Dec.

Happy Holidays to all.

Bob & LaRainne Robeson”

HCG Diet Foods – Apples and Strawberries

November 3, 2008

One of the requirements when taking HCG for weight loss is a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), which means eating 500-600 calories per day, far below even the most modest caloric requirements of the smallest, lightest people (but if you are doing the HCG Diet, you probably aren’t small and light anyway).

People think “There is NO WAY I could survive eating only 500 calories per day” and in truth, they are right, except when accompanied by daily HCG injections.  HCG allows your body to burn the otherwise inaccessible ‘abnormal fat’ for caloric needs, and many people feel 500 calories is TOO MUCH to consume – they simply have no desire to eat because every pound of fat contains 3500 calories, and HCG triggers burning between 1/2 to 2 pounds of fat per day, effectively providing all the calories the body needs – the food is simply to maintain nutrition (which fat calories don’t provide).

That being said, some people have severe food cravings – everyone reacts differently.  The following insight taking from Trudi’s HCG Journal Blog is a great HCG Diet Foods tip that may help YOU:

strawberries are my lifesaver!

Just wanted to post this out there before I forgot. My body LOVES
strawberries. I seem to lose better & have less issues with
cravings & deviations! I realized today that I started protocol
during strawberry picking season & I did very well my first round.

These last could of months have been apple season and … well…. I’ve
not done well at all. Hunger all the time & I had a lot of

So I stopped the apples & decided to spend the $$ on strawberries and I can go ALL day without eating much! YES!!

noticed there are others on the hcgjourney group that have the same
thing happening to them. Some people are the opposite.. can eat apples
but not strawberries.”

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The HCG Diet Works, But YOU Have To Change TOO!

October 29, 2008

I just read a post I thought was VERY interesting about the ‘HCG Philosophy’ one should adopt if embarking on this HCG Diet.

The key point (as quoted below) is that HCG doesn’t cause weight loss per se, but rather it allows one to stay on a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) without feeling like one is starving.  It should be added that studies show your body doesn’t shed muscle and other tissue that is not abnormal fat when HCG is present, so a VLCD diet WITHOUT HCG won’t really work.

Read the full post by clicking the following link:

Hello hCG Dieters

“Caryl and Bryan just finished their first week of the hCG and they are down 10 and 16 respectively.

We teach more than just hCG.  If that’s all you want, good luck.  Go
get it somewhere else.  It will help you lose weight, but you will gain
it back.  Your habits have to change.  That is the most important part
of the deal.  hCG does not cause weight loss.  It causes you to not
feel so bad while on a very low calorie diet.  Anybody who tells you
differently is ill-informed or just lying to you.  We help you make the
hCG weight loss diet gains last forever.  It just works.”

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