Transdermal HCG

Dr. Simeons method of fast weight loss using hCG hormones combined with a low calorie diet has proven to be highly effective in patients worldwide. However, the development of an oral (sublingual) as well as a transdermal hcg (topical) formulation transforms the experience, eliminating the need for constant injections, which can be an uncomfortable process.

The most common method of getting hCG into the body when following the Simeons protocol is to inject it into the body subcutaneuosly in the muscle.

However, in recent years, the development of an hCG transdermal cream has provided a safe and effective alternative for those individulas not wanting to administer hCG through injections.

The transdermal hCG is provided in small brown syringes (minus the needles) and you simply depress the plunger to extract the cream out of the tube.

A good place to apply the cream is on the under side of the wrists and or forearms and simply rub wrists together until the transdermal hCG cream has penetrated the skin and has been absorbed. This is very similar to applying hand lotion and rubbing into the skin thoroughly.

It should be noted that applying hCG transdermally may require a little longer treatment, because studies to date have shown that even though using hCG as a transdermal gel or cream to lose weight is effective, the preferred method of using hCG is through injecting it into the muscle for greatest fat loss results.