Oral HCG

Obesity is on the rise in America due to unhealthy eating habits and low activity levels. Over 65% of the population is estimated to be overweight or obese, and are at increased risk for weight related health problems such as: gall stones and gall bladder surgery, hernia, carpal tunnel syndrome, sleep disorders, headaches, darkening of the skin on the neck and face, ulcers in the legs, high blood pressure, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, high cholesterol, diabetes, osteoarthritis, fatty liver, chronic kidney failure, restrictive lung disease, cancer, depression, low self esteem, chronic fatigue, and premature death!

What is the HCG hormone? HCG is a hormone made by the placenta and embryo during pregnancy. HCG mus be prescribed by a licensed medical doctor/physician.

Currently, you can buy hCG in 3 forms to help you lose abnormal fat deposits: hCG Injections, Oral hCG, and hCG Transdermal Gel.

Sublingual (oral) hCG is administered through droplets placed under the tongue. It has been shown to be effective, but only if the typical dosage used for injections is taken sublingually twice per day (versus once per day for injection hcg). Swallowing an oral hCG mixture is not effective at all. Therefore, sublingual (under the tongue) is the only effective way of administering hCG orally.

One can mix own's own oral form of hCG by following one of the recipes posted online in forums and blogs by those that have developed their own way to mix the hCG powder to produce a sublingual oral hCG forumla.

One of the most popular oral applications is a patent pending formula called "Releana". The makers of Releana initially utilized hCG injections for years prior to developing an alternative to one needing to receive hCG through injections.

Using oral hCG, or Rleana, in conjunction with Dr. ATW Simeons' original "hCG Diet Protocol" and his suggested very low calorie diet (VLCD) comprised of specific foods that you would like i.e. beef, chicken, fruit, vegetables, etc.

HCG dieters typicaly lose 15 pounds of abnormal fat within the first month. Somtimes even more!!

According to Dr Simeons' book, "Pounds and Inches," not only can you lose the pounds but losing inches of unwanted abnormal fat is going to be achieved as well.

This protocol is protein preserving. In other words, following the protocol precisely makes your body "burn" the abnormal fat, while preserving muscle, normal fat, and structural fat.

HCG is a prescription medication which is FDA approved for certain uses, but is not FDA approved for the treatment of weight control or obesity. Using hCG in dieting is considered an "off-label" use. Medications are frequently used off-label to treat conditions that are unrelated to their original indication, safely and effectively.

For instance, a very popular asprin has been advocating it's "off-label" use to possibly help prevent heart attacks if you ingest one pill a day.

Following Dr. Simeons' specific very low calorie diet, patients can expect to lose 15-30 pounds per month, and many many inches. This diet is particularly effective in targeting hard to reach fat stored in the abdomen, love handles, hips, and thighs.