HCG Diet Doctors

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) must be prescribed by a licensed medical doctor. You may find several clinics offering the hCG diet. These hCG diet doctors are needed to obtain a prescription, without which you cannot legally obtain hCG. The process should be similar to the following:

You go in to your local physician or an authorized/certified hCG clinic (you can find an hCG clinic in your area by visiting the HCG Clinics Directory). Then your physician or the doctor in the clinic will need to write an order for you to have a blood test. This will be take place within your medical center or possibly at another location that specializes in lab tests and blood work.

The blood work generally is going to require the following as a "minimum", some clinics and or doctors may want more than the minimum provided here.

The blood work will be tested for complete blood count (CBC), thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), a basic metabolic panel also referred to as Chem-7. Again, some facilities may require more testing for their own reasons. Some charges may be incurred and some of those may or may not be paid by insurance. Please consult your provider for further details.

Once the doctor has reviewed your blood work and has determined that you are able to proceed with the hCG protocol, a prescription must be written and your hCG will be ordered. The doctor or clinic may take care of this as part of their service for you, or they may have the pharmacy contact you personally for payment of the hCG.

Doctors and clinics have been selling and providing hCG to patients for years with tremendous success. These clinics often advertise "medically supervised weight loss....". And of course there are clinics that don't advertise the hCG diet at all. But if you want to lose weight fast, hcg diet doctors can help you get there.

The hCG diet, the research, the testimonials etc. are controversial even though Dr. Simeons first published his findings more than 4 decades ago on hCG contributing to redistribution and elimination of adipose tissue (fat) when combined with a very low calorie diet (VLCD) of 500 calories. The fast weight loss for those on the diet has been dramatic, and far more effective than virtually all other weight loss programs.

It isn't the hormone that is responsible for the weight loss - it is the restricted caloric intake. However, if one were to go on a diet of only 500 calories without using hCG, the weight lost would nearly entirely be of lost muscle tissue, which of course would be very unhealthy weight loss indeed. Therefore, hCG diet doctors write prescriptions for hCG which releases fat during the very low calorie diet instead of muscle tissue.

HCG injections help to reignite the Diencephalon region of the brain which is partly responsible for proper metabolic processes within the body. Think of it as sort of a tune up for the metabolism.

HCG will prevent feeling hungry while on a VLCD and will trigger the body to go and attack the unwanted fat deposits around areas like thighs, under arms, belly etc. and use the energy in these fat deposits which in turn provide the additional calories one needs to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.