Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) isn't found on on the shelves of the local retail chain super center in your neighborhood. You can't even walk into the local pharmacy and buy hCG over the counter. HCG "must" be prescribed by a doctor or certified hCG weight loss provider.

It is illegal to purchase or sell hCG in any form without a written prescription from a certified medical doctor practicing medicine. That isn't to say one can't find any number of sources to buy hCG without a prescription. It cannot be stressed enough the laws in the US are very clear that it is against the law to sell or purchase any prescription pharmaceutical drug (which would include human chorionic gonadotropin - "hCG") without a doctor's prescription.

A licensed medical doctor must evaluate your blood work clearing you to receive hCG. The doctor will then write a prescription for you. This is the only way to ensure you are getting true hCG and it is coming form a trusted company. Companies outside the US have different regulations regarding mail order drugs. Be advised it is illegal to order hCG within or outside of the US without a prescription.

Extreme caution should be taken when looking to purchase hCG. HCG is a drug and it is very important that you research the company/source from which you're going to be ordering the drug because it's going to be put into your body via injection, orally, sublingually, or transdermal cream.

The hCG to search for will come in a kit usually consisting of 2 vials; one vial containing the hCG in powder form, and the other containing sterile water to be mixed with the powder to reconstitute it in order to inject the hCG. Syringes, alcohol pads, and directions on how to properly and safely administer your hCG should be included as well.

Beware of companies allowing the purchase of hCG, or any pharmaceutical for that matter, without a prescription. You should research everything you can find on the company's background and the source of the product they are selling to you as "hCG". Buying hCG from an overseas or outside of the US supplier can result in severe fines and penalties, including jail time. Only buy hCG from a US-based pharmacy with a prescription.